Doing Good

Everyone else is selling plants. American Meadows is spreading the transformative power of gardens.

Attracts Birds
Attracts Butterflies
Extended Bloom Time
Good for Cut Flowers

Meadowscaping is about more than planting a seed or planning a garden — it’s an act that transforms ordinary spaces into a celebration of biodiversity, a habitat for birds and insects, and a home for native plants, beauty and harmony.

As avid gardeners, we see what others don’t see. Where others see a city apartment rooftop, we see an urban meadow. Where others see a suburban lawn, we see a mini-meadow. Where others see an overgrown rural field, we see a native wildflower meadow. We redefine the world’s understanding of a meadow. We look out on a space and see nothing less than glorious possibilities. We reimagine what’s possible.

Because when we meadowscape, we dig in. We become a force of good, and an advocate for pollinators and the environment, a friend to the community that brings beauty into the lives of everyone who passes by. We transform not only the land — we transform our lives — we nurture our emotions and cultivate change.

Meadowscaping makes it better. Dig in.

Our doing good badges

Attracts Birds

Invite birds to your yard, and enjoy hearing their songs to greet each day! Feed the birds with plants that provide food in the form of fruit, nectar, and flower heads that go to seed. Birds will eat bugs and caterpillars from your yard, too. Leave plants in place throughout the fall and winter to create habitat.

Attracts Butterflies

Attract butterflies with nectar-rich plants and enjoy watching the winged beauties flutter through your yard. Did you know that Milkweed plants are the host plant for Monarchs? Adult butterflies will be drawn to nectar-rich flowers, and their caterpillars will munch on the leaves to grow into beautiful butterflies.

Bee Friendly

Feed the bees! Did you know that there are thousands of native bee species, but honeybees were introduced to North America? Bee-friendly gardens provide plenty of nectar throughout the entire gardening season, from spring to late fall. Plus, our plants are neonicotinoid-free, so your garden will be a safe habitat for buzzing pollinators.

Extended Bloom Friendly

Flower Power! Perennials with extended bloom times are a great choice for low-maintenance, pollinator-friendly gardens. Long-lasting blooms will keep your yard looking beautiful all season. Plus, you’ll always have flowers in bloom to help nourish pollinators.

Good for Cut Flowers

Who doesn’t love a fresh homegrown bouquet? Share your harvest with friends and loved ones to brighten their day. Long-blooming flowers on tall, sturdy stems are the perfect selections for a cutting garden.